How to unlock mi account

Device from Xiaomi, provided that you have forgotten the password and / or email from the mi account

In order to unlock mi account you need:

1. Check your device thich Lock code or IMEI

- Based on the data received, you will find out the country of Mi account activation

2. Go to the page "UNLOCK MI ACCOUNT"

- We look for the country of Mi account activation in the list
- If the desired country is not list, then we select WorldWide

3. We place an order to unlock Mi account by Lock code or IMEI

The result this service is 99% positive! After receiving a notification of successful unlocking, you need to connect the phone to Wi-Fi with Internet access and the Mi account lock will be automatically released. In some cases, you just need to update the phone with regular Xiaomi update tools. After unlocking, in order to avoid accidentally re-linking the device to the old Mi account, it is strongly recommended not to restore the device from the old backup, possibly stored in the cloud, on a computer, flash drive, memory card. It is strongly recommended that you reset the device completely to Wipe and configure the device as new.